Viga (starlightv) wrote in between3worlds,


hi im a hyphenated girl. all my life i been okay with my race. my best friends were black and white. not until i was in 10th grade when i had to transfer to an all black school. i always went to mixed schools. THEY SAID I ACTED WHITE! i didnt understand at first. it was because i didnt dress like them. i liked boybands and rock music. i dressed in teen mag type things. i spoke proper because i was taught that way. my voice is not my fault. they tormented me because of it. i was heavly teased. then i transfered again in 11th. i went to a mixed school again and i tried to fit in with this all white crowd. i thought since everyone said i was white at the other school i was meant to only have friends that way. i thought i might fit in. but they didnt except me. they said i was white too. too white for them even. i didnt know where to go until i found real friends later on who excepted me. even they where different in some way. this community is small but it will start up soon. im just glad to be the first post.
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