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No World for Us

. . .rejected even by the in-between crowd

Hyphenated Subcultures
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This place is a lot like between2lands. But with more of a twist.

It's for hyphenated-nationality people. That is, people who live in a country, say, Canada, but still identify strongly with their ethnic background, say Latvian. Like me, I call myself Latvian-Canadian.

Like that community bio goes, in my case, Canadians consider me Latvian, and Latvians consider me Canadian. Just can't win. The obvious answer is to hang out with other people who understand, being other hyphenated-people.

Now, I'm not sure about you, but for me, but this is how things worked for the hyphenated-people I knew. They were picked on as different by the non-hyphenated people. Which leads to one of two things - them doing everything they can to blend in, or embracing their uniqueness and becoming as individualistic/weird/strange/unusual as possible.

Most went the road of the blending in. I didn't.

So I embraced subcultures. Yes, I'm a gamer and a quasi-goth. See, all the hyphenated people I know thought I was weird and cast me out of their group.

So here I am, a hyphenated-person in a subculture.

And here are you.

This is the place for hyphenated-people who are different from the normal, everyday world. The hyphenated-people who are proud of their differences. It's not easy being different when everyone else wants to blend in.

This is for the hyphenated geeks, nerds, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, goths, punks, etc. All subcultures are welcome. All ethnicities are welcome.

One rule - be nice, no racism, sexism or homophobia, no meanness. Healthy debate is okay, no flaming.

~your mod, kali_kali

Also join between2lands, just like this, only without the subculture element.